Internet of Things

IoT has now entered into the operational phase from just hype. It has become commonplace in all walks of life; connecting everything and everyone. While IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before, it is also imperative that businesses understand the opportunities for value creation.

With our expertise in implementing this concept for businesses, we empower you with an experience to maximize efficiencies and streamlining your presence seamlessly while ensuring security. We focus predominantly on the segments like:

  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Smart City
  • Connected Automobiles
  • Connected Machines

With our in-house software development team, we provide softwares that rely on Artificial Intelligence to offer insights and help undertake preventive measures. Further, in association with our industrial automation partner, we undertake design, prototyping and production of IoT hardware.

  • Showcase

    Smart Street Light System

    An intelligent web application that monitors and sends command to the system controller in remote location.